Applied Medical Technology has the most comprehensive range of products available in the UK dedicated to the portable subcutaneous delivery of drugs. This includes pump options to cover all possible therapeutic areas, and a range of disposable products developed over years of experience to provide the most reliable, comfortable and convenient systems available. Please select the links for any further information on each of these products.


i-Port Advance infusion sets for subcutaneous injections

i-Port Advance Infusion Sets

The i-Port Advance is a new concept in injection port technology specifically for subcutaneous injections of insulin and drugs requiring similar administration patterns. It is unique in that it is incorporated into its own automatic insertion system, and will place the catheter firmly into the tissue with minimum discomfort.

The product is available with a choice of 6mm and 9mm lengths and uses a 27g introducer needle.

The top entry configuration for injection may be easier for many users.

Silhoutte infusion sets for subcutaneous injections

Silhouette Infusion Sets

The MiniMed Silhouette, Mio Advance and Sure-T range of subcutaneous infusion sets uses a flexible Teflon cannula to achieve the ultimate in user comfort and convenience. These sets are an excellent alternative to the 90 degree insertion devices where there may be limitations on tissue depth, or where an individual has an allergy or other usage problem.

The Silhouette set is completely disconnectable from the pump, at the infusion site. A unique feature of the Silhouette is the ability to give manual injections through the set when the pump is disconnected.

MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set for subcutaneous injections

MiniMedTM MioTM Advance infusion set

This infusion set has a 90°, soft cannula and can be inserted with only 4 steps. The all-in-one insertion design means that no separate serter is needed.

Key features:

  • 90° soft Teflon cannula
  • Pre-loaded inserter
  • Hidden needle before and after use
  • Audible “click” indicates secure connection with Medtronic "P" cap infusion set
  • Ideal for patients with dexterity issues or needle anxiety
Neria Guard infusion set for subcutaneous injections

NeriaTM Guard infusion set

The neriaTM range of products are tested and approved for subcutaneous drug infusion in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Thalassaemia, Primary Immune Deficiency, Pain Management, and Rehydration.

Key features:

  • Fully automatic insertion by the touch of a button.
  • Soft cannula with automatic retractable needle helps prevent needle stick injuries.
  • Flexible placement supports proper site rotation – easy reach of difficult insertion areas.
  • Disconnection of the tubing at site for increased flexibility.
  • Simple, consistent insertion.
  • Transparent window allows monitoring of the insertion site.
  • Complies with EU directive on safer sharps.


Neria infusion sets for subcutaneous injections

Neria infusion set

The Neria™ infusion sets are a unique range of products which bring a new level of user comfort and convenience to those who prefer to use a needle set. These were formerly branded as either Thalaset or Contact Sets.

All sets in this range have been tested for compatibility with:

  • Immunoglobulin
  • Apomorphine
  • Desferal

Further testing with other drugs is underway.