Applied Medical Technology has the most comprehensive range of products available in the UK dedicated to portable subcutaneous delivery of drugs. This includes pump options to cover a very wide range of therapeutic areas, and a range of disposable products developed over years of experience to provide the most reliable, comfortable and convenient systems available. Please select the links for any further information on each of these products.

An infusion pump is an electronic device which enables intravenous infusion or enteral therapy according to precise criteria of time and dosage. Such therapy may be continuous, if administered constantly over a 24-hour period, or intermittent, if performed only for brief durations at certain times. Infusion pumps allow the administration of drugs, liquids, enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition.

Advantages of using infusion pumps

The main benefits of using infusion pumps rather than common flow regulators or other devices are:
Precision of volume of the drug being administered.
Precision in relation to the speed of administration.
Ability to set and regulate drug administration even in very small quantities.
Precision of administration itself, above all for drugs which have significant effects even in small quantities (e.g. adrenaline, noradrenaline, dobutamine, etc.)
Ability to quickly and accurately modifiy the infusion rate.

Infusion pumps are positive pressure pumps which have the ability to control the drops being infused, therefore guaranteeing accuracy of speed and delivery.

In general, the pumps enable the operator to set:

The quantity of the drug to be administered (in total mL).
The infusion rate (in mL/h), or alternatively the total necessary infusion time.
The weight of the patient (for some drugs, dosage must be in accordance with the patient's weight, which is why some infusion pumps allow the operator to set it).
The specific concentration in grams/micrograms (the dosage of certain drugs is calculated in terms of grams/micrograms per kilo of patient weight).

The infusion systems manufactured by Canè SpA

Among the infusion systems manufactured by Canè SpA are outpatient infusion pumps, designed for the subcutaneous infusion of a variety of drugs.

Their reduced size and low weight make Crono pumps the ideal solution for home use, allowing the patient the freedom to carry out his/her everyday activities during treatment.

The resevoir piston is acted on directly by the advance mechanism, thus allowing the accurate administration of the drug.

Crono pumps can deliver shots of programmable volume, at intervals depending on the pre-established flow. The period of time between shots diminishes proportionately as the programmed flow increases.

Furthermore, the Canè infusion system comprises CRONO CRN sterile disposable syringes belonging to a category of medical devices which, unlike other brands, have been designed exclusively for use with CRONO model pumps.

They are equipped with “Luer Lock” connections in order to attach the infusion device, and they boast the option of unscrewing the piston, thus enabling it to be connected to the CRONO pumps.

Depending on the specific pump, the CRN reservoirs may have a capacity of 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 ml.

The Canè infusion system is completed by infusion lines, with a variety of types and sizes allowing the infusion system to be customised further in order to obtain the best possible result for the patient.